Metal Recycling in Brook Park, Ohio

Cargo Containers, Metal Recycling in Brook Park, OH
Get cash for scrap by using the metal recycling services of Berea Metals & Recycling in Brook Park, Ohio. As products fail or fall out of use, their functionality may fade, but their value as a source of vital materials for new industry doesn't.

We can help you deliver unwanted materials back into the production cycle so others can use them—and we'll pay you for your troubles.

We Pay Cash For:
• Copper
• Brass
• Iron
• Aluminum
• Stainless Alloys
• Useable Items
• Old Machinery

A Better Way
There is a better way to deal with scrap metal—bring it to Berea Metals & Recycling. Since 1995, we've proudly served Northern Ohio by getting those unwanted alloys and other metals recycled. After we pay cash for metals, we then deliver them manufacturers who can use these vital materials. We're here to make your recycling efforts convenient.

About Our Owner
Our owner got a job in the metal recycling business out of high school and eventually started his own business. He likes the interaction with the public and answering questions, and prefers not to be behind a desk.

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